Friday, 4 December 2015

Machine Learning

The AI or computer opponents in Star Dancer are tough especially in the full version.

There are two modes of AI player in the game.  Offline and online.

Offline is used in quick  battles.  Online is used in the campaign.

Offline uses a system where it randomises its settings based on whether it wins or loses.  If it loses it makes major changes.  If it wins it makes minor changes.

Online picks the best human player in the campaign and uses a modified version of those settings before altering them and revising every ten minutes.

Online also changes its research  settings every 10 minutes to stay at the forefront of cutting edge tech.

This means it is very hard to beat the AI in the full version.  Right now I'm in tbe middle of a campaign against 4 other computer opponents with 10 planets.  I started with 2. Gained 1.  Im struggling to capture another because the computer is so tough.

Eventually I will overcome the ai but then it will improve as well.....

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