Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cut the chatter red two!

In my original design on paper I had pilot chatter (and a few other features) that never made it in to the original release.

However, with time spent working on audio - and with my release from hospital - I have been able to add some nice touches of pilot chatter with a range of voices providing random battle chatter in the background throughout the battle.

The battle is split into two phases in terms of audio - the opening and the battle. In the opening the chatter is more preparatory talk. In the battle it is pure battle chatter.

The idea behind the pilot chatter is not that it be understood, or heard easily - it is meant to be background noise that adds life and colour to the combat. And that it does.

I've also added sound effects (which I purchased way back in March or April). They play when the lasers and beams fire, when ships explode and when ships flyby the camera.  They are pseudo 3d audio in that they reduce in volume with distance from the camera. Being in space there is no sound but also there are no obstacles really so it may be non physically correct but it is fun- and that is what games and movies are - fun.'s a short video of a clip of one of the spaceships flipping on its axis to fit through a gap.  You can't script this stuff - it just happens and looks fantastic when the camera catches it.

The game is coming along nicely however it is difficult to market it still - so many mobile games out there in a saturated market that it is difficult to get people to notice my game. Hopefully they will eventually.

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