Sunday, 27 December 2015

Results so far

Consider this a short term report card of your performance as a result of marketing.

'Little Johnny has spent a great deal of time and effort in frantic activity to promote his work but all for very little effect.'

So far he has attempted the following methods to promote his game/app on google play.

  • Over 300 emails sent to Youtubers, Reviewers, App Review Sites  (free)
  • Advertised on multiple wargaming websites(4) with banner ads (paid)
  • Advertised at Maccas in my local stores(2) on TV (paid)
  • Handed out leaflets(1000) to letterboxes (paid)
  • Handed out leaflets(200) in local board game stores in Melbourne (paid)
  • Advertised on leadbolt mobile ad network (mobile ads) (paid) (1 million impressions)
  • Advertised on facebook (promoted page) (paid) (190 likes)
  • Advertised on twitter (pushed heavily) (free) 
  • Advertised with google ads (on google play) (paid) (700k impressions)
  • Ran a store at the local box hill tech market (paid)
  • Had two tshirts made (paid)
  • Placed videos on youtube  (free) (45+)
  • Told friends and family and other contacts (free)
  • Posted comments and links on forums (12+) (free)
  • Left promotional material in locations like laundromats, cafes etc (paid)
  • Written letters to ABC Good Game TV production (no response) (paid - stamp!)
  • Posted thoughtful comments on blogs, discussions and youtube channels. (free)
  • Subscribed to over 100 youtube channels to discuss his app. (free)
  • Contacted every major and minor mobile app review site personally (free)
  • Written to game news channels (free)

Overall result:

Increase from 2.7 installs per day to 3.5 installs per day (free app) over a 3 month period.
Averaging about 0.13 installs per day of the paid app. (Figures too low to detect a change)

'Little Johnny's performance is unsatisfactory this semester. He puts in a lot of effort and busy work but doesn't really achieve all that much.  I would like his grade to reflect the effort he has put in but the results are just too low to justify it. I think he would be better off focusing on a more productive endeavour - such as gardening. - F -.'

Own Comment:
Looking back over the past few months at my promotional methods, some of them were more effective than others.  The most effective of the various methods seems to have been the google ads and the leadbolt ads.  I don't like to suggest that the leadbolt ads were successful due to their price but they were comparatively speaking. Google ads were the most effective.  Pretty much everything else was a complete waste of time, money and effort if one is thinking of the results alone.  They were not a waste in the sense that I learned a lot from them.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent summary of little Johnny's performance. I would certainly give him A+ for effort. Also think that if the same amount of time, effort and money was concentrated on gardening, he would have one to rival Knowle! But experience is a great teacher and as the report acknowledges, you certainly have learnt a lot!