Friday, 25 December 2015

Moddable Pilot Chatter

Pilot Chatter can now be modded in the game very easily.

I have included this, as a feature that was originally designed but not included, in the v1.30b release that was released today.

There are also some other adjustments to shaders but these are less important.

The Pilot Chatter mod ability can be activated by copying sequentially numbered .ogg files into the relevant subfolder in your music/stardancer folder on your device.

It should be fairly self explanatory how it works - there are two main sub folders beneath each faction, one is preparatory and the other is battle chatter. By putting numbered .ogg files in each the game will read them instead of the default audio.

This means I can create audio packs (potentially for sale or as a free download) which can be used with the game. It also means I can support other languages.

from Matt

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