Friday, 18 December 2015

Single Player Campaign

Star Dancer has a single player campaign in addition to the quick battle mode.

In the lite version it is more a fore taste of the gameplay.  The real action is to be found in the full game.

Because of the nature of the game computer opponents dont launch  attacks against the player and so it can be played at your own pace against the computer.

I have played numerous campaigns now and even now i sometimes cannot easily conquer the galaxy.

As time progresses in the campaign your opponents become tougher with improved research and ai settings.  As such i often find the final couple of factions tough to defeat.

Also, some factions match up better against each other and i have always found Mars Colony a tough nut to crack regardless of whom I take.

Below are some screenshots from battles against the computer this morning as i enjoyed several cups of tea and coffee at my local cafe.

I hope that people get to experience my game as it was meant to be played and are not put off by the fairly low price equivalent to the cost of a cup of coffee.  Mobile games are typically free with purchases made once in the game.  Instead i have a fixed fee to play and own the game forever.

I also hope players enjoy watching the spa e battles and tweaking their AI settings to defeat their opponent.

I've said it before and will say it again.  Even if the game is not widely received or known I love playing it and can spend hours on it.

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