Monday, 18 January 2016

Tablet Screenshots

Tablet Screenshots

In July of 2015 I purchased (for testing purposes) a very cheap low specification tablet from my local K-Mart outlet (at 6am in the morning mind you).

It is a no name brand tablet with a very low speed processor (quad core) and low memory (512MB).  

Recently I have played my game on it (quick battles only) in offline mode (I refuse to connect this tablet to the internet for the simple reason that the hardware itself has built into its OS an advertising scheme that means everytime a new screen opens advertising pops up even on applications that don't include advertising - such as my game).  

The tablet is not great but is pretty good for under $100 - it plays the game though the load times are quite long which is to be expected.  It has a few issues with sound - the volume seems too low, and behaves differently than the audio volume on my Samsung devices (phones).  But then audio seems to behave differently on the LG phone I own as well (different entirely again - volume settings seem to be linear on some and logarithmic on others).

Having a larger screen to play with however is beautiful.  On the low spec tablet my game downscales textures and reduces the quality of the background nebula so that the game will run fluidly on a low spec device however they still look pretty impressive.  I have attached below a series of screengrabs from my tablet. In each of them I have played around with the camera settings a little to position it in a nice spot.

Here are the screenshots. I really like this game.

You will note I have mainly focused on two of the factions in the game, I really love the ships on those two factions (which are the factions in the lite version as well).

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