Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Free At Last

Free At Last!

I feel like my game should be one of those old movie cliche's where the lead character exclaims after being locked in a dungeon for several years that he or she is 'free at last' with whoops and hollers for joy.

In January 2015 when I designed the game I originally intended for it to be free.

Completely free.

No Ads.

No In App Purchases.

Just plain old free.

I had no monetisation strategy - it was purely about making something really cool, really good looking and hopefully fun for me to play with my mates.

I achieved that.

But along the way I became side tracked by the lure of making money off the game.  A number of friends and family spoke to me about the chance of making it big with the game (after being impressed by early builds). 

I allowed myself to deceive myself about the potential to make an income off the game.

I ought to have listened to my inner voice that told me that money is not made from android apps.  I ought to have listened to my own set of values that told me that it was not what I really wanted.

Instead I fell for the lure of potential wealth.

If anything - I'd rather make a name for myself (positively) than wealth in any case. But I know that neither of these are likely to be realities.


I hope everyone who plays my game enjoys it greatly. It is a great fun game - if you like watching space battles.

from Matt

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