Sunday, 24 January 2016


With Star Dancer full version completely free there is no reason not to give it a try - especially if you just want to enjoy watching space battles on your tablet or phone.

Simple install, create a quick battle, adjust some settings and watch the beautiful space battles.  I've been playing this game continuously for the past 12 months. It is not everyone's cup of I fully realise that but if you like good looking space battles on your android device there's not many better than this.

Oh...some points:

You can change the pilot chatter by placing your own numbered files in the relevant folders in your music folder (yes this game has mod capability - even for a mobile game).
Also you can adjust the music by placing your own music in the relevant folders as well.

Furthermore - the campaign is tough, very tough - the AI has a 75% chance of beating the player based on its current intelligence - most players struggle to defeat the AI but it can be beat if you are smart.

Also - you can move the camera around within the space battle environment when the game is paused - I'll let you figure out how to do that but the camera moves similar to a PC based RTS (fingers around the edge....and hold the centre to move forwards).

The game was originally designed with multiplayer in mind but very few people seem to play it multiplayer based on my game usage metrics but I'd really recommend that you at least try it once multiplayer with a bunch of friends - a five player campaign can be quite chaotic.

The current version is 1.30 and there have been numerous updates since release in October (there were a few pre release versions available prior to October when I was in hospital) but the game is now at a very stable release point and it is unlikely that there will be many further updates.

Note - the game though free has no advertising, no in app purchases - it is free in the most true sense of the word.

There is a link to my blog within the game on the tips and hints screen and here you can find out a lot more information about how the game was built, what its inspiration was, and other features I don't have room to detail here.

I am proud to say that this game is one of the best I've ever created (and I've been making games privately for myself and friends for the past 20 years or so on various platforms).

I was a little sad that the cost of a cup of coffee put the majority of potential users off playing the game - when it was paid it received about 1 download per 10 days, since going free it has received about 20 downloads per day.  As a developer who has poured his heart and soul into a game (and blood, sweat and tears!) it was mildly disappointing that the release didn't garner that much attention but I'm pleased that the people who do play it enjoy it.

If you haven't tried it then I recommend (of course I would - I'm the developer) that you give it a shot.  Note - I get nothing out of having you play the game beyond the satisfaction that people are enjoying it.

All the best, Matt.

Oh....if you want to play multiplayer and don't have anyone to try it out with I have included my email address in the game in the tips and hints section - I'm more than happy to discuss lining up a game multiplayer as long as I'm not flooded with requests (which I doubt I will be).

from Matt.

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