Saturday, 9 January 2016

Stages of Development

Over the course of 2015 my game interface went through a number of developmental stages.

The first stage was my initial concept when I was putting the game flow together.  It was terribly ugly but was never intended to look pretty - it was merely the flow from screen to screen in the game.

The second stage was when I attempted on my own to make the game prettier. As a programmer I was pretty impressed with my programmer art.  It was still dog ugly though. See below.

In May a family member linked me up with a Melbourne based artist who took my concepts and reworked them into something a lot prettier. I am very thankful for the work Brandie did on my game. The financial cost was well worth it to get some professional looking graphics in my game.

I can very much recommend Brandie as a quality artist who is reliable and professional (and very supportive while I was in hospital too!)  Having professional artwork done makes all the difference to the quality of the final product.


  1. As I said before. A great team effort. Brandie polished your programming into something that looks so professional. Well done to you both.

  2. Oh thank you Matt!!! It has been a great pleasure working with you. Star Dancers has been without a doubt a highlight of my career. Let's make more games :0