Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Single Player Added

Single Player Mode Added

One of my users put in a request in their rating on Google Play for single player mode or the ability to practice against bots, so I did.

By selecting the option marked "Training" in the drop down menu on the create game option the game will also create 4 other players in the game for you to play against.  

Because of the way battles are pre calculated (and the time they take) I cannot allow the bots to launch attacks against each other or the player but they are able to be attacked and they also perform research and adjust their AI settings from game to game based on the settings of good human players.  
Otherwise the feature is not too different from a regular game.  

Hopefully my user who put the rating in gets to see and enjoy playing against the bots.

In the Lite version the bot is named the imaginative name "AiBot" but in the Full version they have more human sounding names that are based somewhat on the faction theme, eg the "Mars Colony/Russians" have Svetlana, the "Hushami Corp/Japanese" have Tanaka, and so on.

I might do another walk through of how to play, a lengthier one at some point soon I think too with audio - me the developer explaining how to play.

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