Friday, 25 September 2015

Fun is all we need

Fun is my purpose

The main reason I developed this game is purely for the fun of watching epic space battles.  That is the reason why there is a screenshot feature built directly into the game as well as playback controls.  

There are numerous different AI settings which can be selected with the slider method some of which provide for some truly epic space battle sequences.  

Allowing the user to specify their own music tracks also helps - you can simply copy music files into the relevant game folder (music/stardancer/battlemusic/....) and watch battles to your own choice of audio.  

The explosions are delightful to watch too! War was never quite so fun! (Note in real life I can't stand war I just like the pretty colours in my game... )

It is a beauty to watch the ships dance and weave around each other (hence the title Star Dancer) as they circle each other and duck and dodge the bullets as well as try and get a clear shot at their targets.  

So put some heavy metal music on (might I recommend Nightwish) and make some space battles.

A feature I would have liked would have been to allow automatic upload to youtube but this was sadly not going to happen.

Another feature the original design called for was pilot chatter between each pilot in the fleet....much like the old Star Wars movies (original series).  "Cut the chatter Red 2....look at the size of that thing....we're passing through the magnetic field hold tight" etc - but this was beyond my ability in the time frame allowed. Still one can dream.

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