Thursday, 15 October 2015

Four Ship Types

Fleets in Star Dancer have a maximum of 16 space ships per fleet, much like a game of Chess.

There are 8 Fighters, and lesser amounts of Bombers, Cruisers and the Capital ship.

Fighters are easily destroyed but with researched firepower and good AI behaviour settings can cause a lot of grief to larger vessels.

Bombers are very good general purpose craft and can easily take down larger ships but have enough armour to withstand the assaults of smaller fighters.

Cruisers have heavy firepower but are often quite different from faction to faction. Earthhope's cruisers lack anti fighter and bomber capability but carry a lot of beam weaponry for instance.

AioSenti's cruisers are general purpose with a good mix of heavy and light weaponry.

The Capital ship often carries more weaponry than the other vessels but can find itself easily outnumbered - keeping it alive can be quite tricky and if it is destroyed you will wait a long time for it to rebuild - unless you've been researching Economy.

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