Saturday, 5 September 2015

Features to implement

Bug fixes and features to still implement.

There are a handful of features that I would like to implement at some point.

First of all - there is a known issue with the login popup appearing when a network error occurs.  This is fairly unavoidable but a little annoying.  If the user's device loses connection then it can sometimes popup a message about the user login which the user can often simply dismiss.

Also, I feel there needs to be some way of indicating to the user, while they are not in the game, that they have received a battle or a player has joined. However I want this to be unobtrusive and I have not worked out the best way of doing so that is obvious to the player, not intrusive, and which is easy to implement for the user.  

Thirdly there does need to be additional help information guiding the player for the first time. To be honest I almost think a simple youtube clip of 'how to play the game' would suffice and post them here because it is, for a mobile game, fairly complex even at a cut down level. However my Dad and my sister are able to play (who are not regular game players) so it can't be that hard.

In the meantime here is a link to a youtube slideshow of some screenshots from the battles.....

And an animated video....

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