Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Earth Hope: Max's Capture

EarthHope Fiction Part 5

Chatter was wild over the EarthHope communications systems.  Lasers and rockets blasted across the dark sky illuminating massive Hushami Corp vessels against the blackness of space.  An emerald coloured beam screamed across the void from one of them and vapourised an EarthHope cruiser.

Max felt desperate.  His sensors refused to pick up the signals of the Hushami Tiger fighters.  They're cloaking devices made it next to impossible to detect with the standard sensors and instead actual human visual identification was needed to positively identify them.  His ship's targeting systems were due for an upgrade but he wasn't sure it would help - the Hushami technological levels were positively far in advance of anything EarthHope possessed.

A series of warning lights flickered on his console - enemy bombers were detected launching rockets against the EarthHope capital. Or were they? The Hushami Corps used decoys often and would try and lead the enemy on a series of false trails.  It made things very difficult to actually pin down just where and when the next strike would come from.

A flash of light filled Max's windscreen - some kind of beam had him in its sights and he seemed incapable of performing any operations with his ship - it seemed to be being pulled towards one of the Hushami vessels but he couldn't see a thing with the light shining through.

A shudder went through his vessel as something heavy clamped down around it. Max tried his best not to panic but the prisoner of war policy of the Hushami Corps was something feared by all.  They were a powerful and intimidating foe and Max did not know what was going to happen next.

A solid thud reverberated through the ship and Max felt his stomach sink.  He'd been captured pure and simple and what lay in store for him he did not know. be continued...

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