Sunday, 21 February 2016

Run its course

Run Its Course

At this stage the game of Star Dancer has run its course.  

It has been available for download in its completed form since October 2015.  It has had almost 1,000 downloads for each version (free and full) in that time.  The majority of full version downloads took place in the month of January. 

As of February with the rankings reset for Google Play i've noticed that the game has ceased receiving attention.  

I know that were I to release an update regularly that would boost its position in the charts temporarily but the game's release period is effectively over.

I will continue playing it myself. During its time in the sun it had probably half a dozen people who really got into it. The majority discarded it almost immediately.  However I enjoy it.

As a permanently single bloke, never married, I once quipped to a close friend of mine that my efforts to market the game were about as successful as my efforts to find a female companion.  There's a lot of truth there it seems - at least going by the relative success in each of the two arenas.  

Anyway I enjoy the game, and I put a heap of work into it over the course of the year - it is valuable to me even if it doesn't receive any attention.  It would have been nice if more people had played and enjoyed it but there's always the next game that I build that may receive a bit more attention, though unlikely.

I won't advertise this post on twitter, facebook or email it to friends.  There's still a surprise in my game which will appear later in the year - just a short message to some people who play it - but I doubt it will be noticed as the game fades into complete obscurity.

It was quite disheartening back in December/January when every attempt I made to market the game fell flat. But that's how it goes. Kind of like life.

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